Mobile Consumer Behavior: Classes


This may be the longest post in the history of the Internet. It may break it. Ideally this would have been done the day I taught the class but this quarter was exceptionally busy. In fact, the last time I was that busy was during grad school while working a full time job. I was a human piñata this quarter. But below is an outline of what material I covered during the class. Intro – The first...

A disclaimer


These next series of posts are more for me than you. Sorry, but it’s the truth. I started what feels like a massive project two years ago and wanted to document how it all played out. So there will be a little less snark and no cool new tech than normal.

Informational vs. Experiential


I was helping one of my students study for the final exam today. We were reviewing my slides and I define the mobile web as being informational while I classify mobile applications as being experiential. He then asked me for an example and I gave the following example. Business model: Boardlife Mobile site: The site would feature the address, store hours and phone number. If there were...

The Culture of Location


One of the biggest/best things I heard at the #BigBoulder Conference at the end of June was the idea that location is the lynch pin for all data. This, of course was offered up by the guys from @Esri, and it got me thinking. Location for me has always been more than a dot on the map, but I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time focusing on the depth of that dot. What’s the persona of...

@DanielsatDU Marketing Roundtable & Digital Marketing Summit


I’m excited to announce that I will be apart of the Digital Marketing Summit on the 24th of this month at Daniels College of Business. (Details to attend can be found here.) I’ll be talking about the business impact of the following items: Post-PC Era – Smartphones/tablets are the digital consumer devices of choice. What do businesses need to do to address this fundamental shift...

CRUCES 5th Anniversary


On July 25th, 2007, I created my first blog post. It’s hard to believe it’s been five years and a lot has changed in that time. The focus of CRUCES has shifted with digital culture and I’ve been very lucky in that my passion for mobile/social & location is now at the forefront of marketing’s collective consciousness. This of course is not the only thing that has changed in that time...

It’s time to optimize your site based on your customer’s location


Back in January @ryankim of GigaOm posted some new stats on how shoppers use their smartphone while in-store to collect product/price information. Kim stated that 33% of users do this and I’m sure this number will continue to grow based on increasing smartphone adoption and increasing consumer sophistication. What does price transparency and real-time product information mean for brick and...