Informational vs. Experiential


LBI was helping one of my students study for the final exam today. We were reviewing my slides and I define the mobile web as being informational while I classify mobile applications as being experiential. He then asked me for an example and I gave the following example.

Business model: Boardlife

Mobile site: The site would feature the address, store hours and phone number. If there were multiple locations it would show that on a map. If they really spent some money you’d be able to customize your board with different decks, trucks, wheels, etc.

Mobile app:  The app would feature videos of people riding longboards, utilizing different styles (cruisers, dive bombers, etc). It would also have an interactive map that would show the best places to ride based on your style of riding. There may also be a page featuring the brands that Boardlife sells and/or partners with to highlight the lifestyle. As you may suspect, apps are for your best customers and mobile sites are for those in search of what you do. You need both depending on your business model.

If he misses this question on the final I’m giving him a ‘J-‘.

By Michael Myers