Taco Bell’s Twitter miss


I tweeted the message below after downloading the new Taco Bell app. For those of you that don’t know, Taco Bell 0wns Twitter. They’ve created some of the best brand moments and I agree with HuffPo that whoever runs their account, deserves a raise. As you can tell from my Tweet, I was surprised that they didn’t allow users to login with their Twitter credentials. I completely understand using Facebook login since FB it’s akin to an email address these days, but Twitter is also “mostly mobile”. These two reasons are enough for tBell to update their app (Pronto!) and is indicative of one part of the business not understanding how/what another team is doing.

Lastly, I was despondent I didn’t get a snarky comment from the person that runs the Twitter account. Now that I think of it . . . maybe they agree with me. They do deserve a raise!

Update: @tresslieberman, the Senior Direction of Digital and Social Marketing at Taco Bell just followed me on Twitter! They do listen.

By Michael Myers