Time to Jettt!


I completely forgot to post this. It’s never too late!

Welcome to Jettt! Jettt is the new mobile social network for business travelers! We understand your needs and have created a compelling service to help you take advantage of your on-the-go existence!!!


To make this service as compelling as possible, we’ve partnered with the following companies. Companies you’re already working with!

American Express – Our partnership with Amex will allow you to use your Membership Rewards or social currency for the standard redemption partners, but now, because of your Jettt membership, redeeming  points will earn you more points!

Klout – Klout is quickly becoming the new social currency and if your Klout score is 70 or above, you’ll be eligible for free upgrades on airlines and in hotels! We’ll also reward you every month for an outstanding Klout score by taking your score and multiplying it by 1000 and then converting that number into rewards points for you! We know you’re a sophisticated social media user and you should be rewarded!

Points – We’ve partnered with Points to allow you to transfer your loyalty points and membership rewards points to the account you need them the most!

Jettt is not only a mobile social network, it’s an app and has you covered in all of your places.

Airports, airlines, Starbucks, hotels and transportation! All of your places are enabled with location-based push alerts providing you information customized to your itinerary. We’ll help you connect with other business travelers that have complementary needs in order to help you build your business and provide reviews from TripAdvisor . Jettt is your own personal concierge and we look forward to taking care of you!

Bad news: Jettt isn’t real and was inspired by Virgin America’s recent announcement around creating an in-flight social network for business travelers

By Michael Myers