Foursquare’s site traffic is pretty high! (graph)



Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 3.52.41 PMThis is a graph from @compete that shows Foursquare’s website traffic. Foursquare’s an app isn’t it? (One that I love by the way.) 2.6 million uniques is quite amazing! I’ve been watching the site traffic for over a year and it continues to increase overall. To me this indicates that people are now using foursquare on the web to find places worth visiting. In my mind the app is still where it’s at and the latest update, sends you reviews of the place you’ve just arrived and have never been there before.

Also, here’s a good article by @nytimes on how apps are chipping away at Google’s mobile search and again, given the web traffic I would ague that those businesses/apps are becoming the go-to place for specific types of information.


By Michael Myers