My grey Saturday


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So  . . . my wife and I went out today since the kids were with their grandmother. In the process we forgot our mobile phones. We BOTH forgot our phones.

But, being level-headed individuals we thought we’d feel disconnected while simultaneously feeling good because we could just hang out with each other, uninterrupted. However, over the next couple of hours, I/we realized how enabling our phones are. Something I of course suspected.  ;)

Foursquare/Forkly – First we went to Starbucks. I knew I wouldn’t be able to check-in on Foursquare but I didn’t plan on having the Eggnog latte. I wouldn’t say it was epic but I did want to share it on Forkly. From there we went to the abyss! (Loosely translated: the mall.)

Instagram/Tumblr – We were in H&M and I spied a Cookie Monster beanie in the mens’ section. I would normally have taken a shot of such a magnificent thing but again, I was without my mobile phone.

SMS – As I was trying on clothes at H&M, I noticed a small sign in the changing room letting me know that if I were to text, 63354 to 74126, I would get 10% off on my entire order. But alas . . .

“the phone/clock” – My mom was supposed to drop them off early in the afternoon but we had no idea what time since we didn’t have the phone nor a watch.

For those of you that don’t want to be a slave to your phone: get a grip. I/we aren’t slaves. We were fine. We simply weren’t able to share our experience as we normally would have. Don’t think of the device as an anchor but more of a Swiss Army knife. Would you go camping without one of those?

The mobile phone. The tool for the urban wilderness.

By Michael Myers

I'm currently the Academic Director of the Denver MBA at the Daniels College of Business. I manage the student experience and enjoy helping our students acquire the leadership skills they need for the next phase of their professional journey.

I'm also an Associate Teaching Professor of Digital Marketing at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver. Since 2010, I've developed the 2nd most collegiate-level, digital marketing courses in the United States. I teach across a wide array of programs including Executive MBA, MBA@Denver, MS Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

I'm professionally passionate about digital culture, artificial intelligence and cognitive neuroscience. I'm married to an amazing woman and have two incredible children. I was raised in Colorado and spend my free time with family, cycling, snowboarding and going to the Pacific Ocean to SCUBA dive + surf.