Porsche realizes they’re on Instagram



















I have a friend that works with luxury brands and he was recently chatting with someone that he knows that works with Porsche; let’s call him William. It turns out, some of the executives had flown out to southern California for a meeting and the subject of social media came up.  The execs were quick to point out that their target market didn’t utilize social media. William being a wise mane found this amusing and asked the execs if they’d mind stopping by one of the dealerships with him when they went to lunch. They agreed and headed down around noon.

When they arrived, the execs were astonished by how many people were using their camera and posting the images to Instagram/Facebook, etc. Many of them did not hashtag the images – making them difficult to find – but the execs realized that Porsche (like all other brands) are on social media.


By Michael Myers

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