18 days with my Apple Watch


I’m not an early adopter. I’m a, “get it right and I’ll buy it” adopter. I waited to buy an iPhone. I waited to buy an Apple Watch and I’m waiting to buy the AirPods. So when the Apple Watch Series 4 I knew it was time. I ended up buying the 44mm with GPS + Cellular. And much to my delight – with any good product – it changed my behavior, at least...

Behold! The Yo Platform


Yep. That Yo. The app that you could install and send a “Yo” to friends with. The app/company that received a $1.5 million investment last July. It turns out that this little joke of an app is actually creating a wafer thin platform for smartwatches with which you can plug your services into. @orarbel the CEO of Yo announced this in a session I was sitting in at SXSW. Turns out this...

Neptune Duo


This is an interesting idea! Think of it as personal cloud services, with you wearing your server on your wrist. Not sure if people will adopt the idea but we’ll see. (More information here.)

Usability and the Apple Watch


I haven’t had much time to comment on the impending release of Apple’s Smartwatch, aptly named Apple Watch (not iWatch) and my biggest question was how easy will the device be to use. The minuscule interface puts the term “limited real estate” to the test. But after watching this video, I’m excited to try it out. I’ve listed out some of the changes that will...

Wearables need a killer app


I recently read a post that Google Glass isn’t doing so well. The hype has subsided and people realize that the glasses just don’t look that great and there really aren’t consumer ready products. What the wearables movement, specifically eyewear needs is a killer app. Luckily I have the answer. It’s stupid simple and something that many people use already. Facebook should...

Mobile Consumer Behavior: Classes


This may be the longest post in the history of the Internet. It may break it. Ideally this would have been done the day I taught the class but this quarter was exceptionally busy. In fact, the last time I was that busy was during grad school while working a full time job. I was a human piñata this quarter. But below is an outline of what material I covered during the class. Intro – The first...

Nixie – A wearable drone


I love this but you may be asking yourself, “What would I do with this?” Not sure about you but . . . I would have it follow me down the slopes when I snowboard – recording the joy!



No. This is not a post about an ex-girlfriend. And I’m not sure if a spoiler alert is needed. :) So I finally got to see the Spike Jonze movie Her and I have to tell you, they did an amazing job! You start by thinking, “How could anyone fall in love with an OS? That’s stupid!” and when I first saw the commercials, I felt the same way. But I’m here to tell you...