18 days with my Apple Watch


I’m not an early adopter. I’m a, “get it right and I’ll buy it” adopter. I waited to buy an iPhone. I waited to buy an Apple Watch and I’m waiting to buy the AirPods. So when the Apple Watch Series 4 I knew it was time. I ended up buying the 44mm with GPS + Cellular. And much to my delight – with any good product – it changed my behavior, at least in the short-term. I was inspired! Inspired to do the following.

  1. To improve my posture. (no joke)
  2. To dress dress nicer. (no really)
  3. To organize the applications on my phone, adding a folder called Adulting
  4. To secure my financial, insurance, etc apps with touch ID
  5. Set up the widgets screen on my phone
  6. Enter all my data in Apple’s Health app
  7. Turn on all data gathering in the Google App
  8. Ask “it” what my heart rate was often “just to see”
  9. Track my activity throughout the day
  10. Dictating texts to my wrist (way more natural than I thought)
  11. Strava. I’ve been using Strava for several years with no heart rate monitoring. Made me consider paying for Strava Summit.

As you would suspect, there are some things I’d like to change.

  1. I’d like the watch (or phone) to know which one of them I’m talking to when I say, “Hey Siri”. I sent my daughter two almost identical text messages and I’m still not sure how I did that. (She thought I was being bossyDad.)
  2. Cell carriers need get better. Period. 
  3. The digital crown needs to be moved.  Every time I bend my wrist (bike riding, weight lifting, etc) or put my hands in my pockets, the crown gets pushed. (I wear my watch on my left hand.) I want the crown to be on top. Like this –>
  4. I knew the ECG and AFib features wouldn’t be available till later this year,: 45 days left! And I’m ready for those. (Yes. I’m feeling fine.)
  5. The fall detection feature has gone off 4 times without any actual falling. The first two was while I was using the computer. The next two was from me punching my left hand with my right hand: for effect. I tweeted to @AppleSupport and got some advice immediately.

All-in-all, I’m stoked with my new Apple Watch and soon after getting it, I received an email from Apple, offering to get on the phone and have them explain “everything” the watch does. I’ll be doing that soon and will update this post if I learn anything new.


By Michael Myers