Wearables need a killer app


41jZdwPqvpLI recently read a post that Google Glass isn’t doing so well. The hype has subsided and people realize that the glasses just don’t look that great and there really aren’t consumer ready products. What the wearables movement, specifically eyewear needs is a killer app. Luckily I have the answer. It’s stupid simple and something that many people use already.

Facebook should create an Instagram branded glasses. (This idea came to me a while ago but came back with a vengeance since I’m currently in Japan.) These glasses would be able to take pictures via voice command just like Google Glass and you would then be able to add a filter/modify via voice commands. The Instagram brand is still cool even though it’s owned by thew new Big Blue and this wouldn’t be the first time the Instagram brand would be extended to a physical product. I love the Socialmatic!

The Instagram glasses would be the gateway drug to get the masses to adopt wearables. I’d buy a pair!

By Michael Myers