Usability and the Apple Watch


I haven’t had much time to comment on the impending release of Apple’s Smartwatch, aptly named Apple Watch (not iWatch) and my biggest question was how easy will the device be to use. The minuscule interface puts the term “limited real estate” to the test. But after watching this video, I’m excited to try it out. I’ve listed out some of the changes that will help.

Digital Crown – Also known as “the wheel on the side of the device” is a great addition since there is almost no screen space and this little piece helps it feel like it’s a real watch. To be able to interact with the device/app in a way that doesn’t visually intrude is essential. (It also acts as the home button.) This reminds me of the wheel on my first iPod Nano. (1:18)

Digital Touch – The ability to communicate between you and another watch owner. Why? If you’ve ever been trapped in an endless meeting, you know that this will come in handy.  :)  (2:35)

Tap vs. Press – With screen size being a real issue Apple has chosen to rely on increasing the intelligence of the touchscreen. Different amounts of pressure/duration bring up different functions. (3:26)

Siri – She is going to need to get a slot smarter if I’m really going to be able to utilize her. (My favorite Siri err of all time: I say: Call Fauzer. Siri says: Playing songs by Iron Maiden.)

Data – I have my phone on me most of the time but there’s a chance that I’ll have a Smartwatch on me more often since  . . . you know . . . It’s a wearable. This data could – and should be – used to help personalize my experiences. (Think of how the bio data could be applied! 4:57)

I’m excited to get the phone and as I get my hands on one, I’ll update this post.

By Michael Myers