@DanielsatDU Marketing Roundtable & Digital Marketing Summit


I’m excited to announce that I will be apart of the Digital Marketing Summit on the 24th of this month at Daniels College of Business. (Details to attend can be found here.) I’ll be talking about the business impact of the following items:

  • Post-PC Era – Smartphones/tablets are the digital consumer devices of choice. What do businesses need to do to address this fundamental shift?
  • Mobile Influencers – They’re not early adopters and they’re increasingly shaping the real-time sentiment of your business. Who are they and how can businesses partner with them?
  • Location Based Marketing – Due to the explosion in smartphone adoption, brick & mortar businesses now have a distinct advantage. A unique way of interacting with their most sophisticated customers. What are the best  methods of creating deep relationships?

I’m really looking forward to this event and we’re going to have some excellent guests at our marketing roundtable, such as the founder of the Made Movement Agency, @prindlescott and @luezstewart, VP of Interactive at Karsh Hagan.

@sallieburnett & @llbroady and I will be conducting the digital marketing summit. We’re going to cover social, mobile and the brand the brand impact of the changes we’re seeing. Should be an excellent event.  You should come!!

Checkout the infographic below for more details.

By Michael Myers