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@DanielsatDU Marketing Roundtable & Digital Marketing Summit


I’m excited to announce that I will be apart of the Digital Marketing Summit on the 24th of this month at Daniels College of Business. (Details to attend can be found here.) I’ll be talking about the business impact of the following items: Post-PC Era – Smartphones/tablets are the digital consumer devices of choice. What do businesses need to do to address this fundamental shift...

“That’s not my target market.”


I keep having this reoccurring dream where I telling people about the need to address of the mobile influencer and they repeatedly tell me; “That’s not my target market.” Unfortunately, this is a waking dream and it happens when I’m talking with clients/prospective clients. But I do have a clarifying question for that statement and the conversation goes something like...

Rise of the Mobile Influencer


After my last post I realized that I’ve been referring to a group of users as mobile influencers, but hadn’t defined them yet. Most of this is common sense but just in case . . . . These users are those that have an iPhone or Android and use them primarily for SMS or pushing data to social sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare. They utilize media in their postings to social...