Will App.net lead the way for social monetization? (video)


This is a great video from @daltonc, the founder of App.net. App.net aims to create a Twitter-like service without utilizing advertising to support their business. (I remember several years ago, when Twitter was still shiny and new, someone launched a survey to find out if people would be willing to pay for Twitter and the majority of people that responded, indicated that they would pay $5 a month. Not too bad.) App.net’s point is that you can’t serve two customers with opposing needs and be successful. When you’re business is advertiser focused, you’re serving the advertisers. When your business is customer-centric, they don’t want to see ads, among other things. (No one wakes up in the morning and says; I can’t wait to see another great advertisement!!!!)

If you agree with what Dalton says in the video, and it’s hard not to AND you’ve got some extra cash; please donate to the project at App.net.

By Michael Myers