Mobile Marketing Class: Day 17 – Mobile’s Fit


Tonight we reviewed all the other marketing methods that mobile marketers need to consider when creating a mobile marketing plan/campaign. Mobile marketing is not a standalone and overall the goal of the mobile marketer – other than to drive revenue – is to insert digital into the physical experience through things like mobile search and scanning while making the digital experience...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 16 – Advertising


This past Thursday we we covered mobile advertising. This is a relatively new model and there is a ton that businesses need to learn. One of the main differences we discussed in previous classes is that people see mobile phones as an extension of themselves. They are apart of our most personal conversations and for most of us, they’re never more than three feet away from us at any time. So...

Mobile Marketing: Class 15 – Test 2


Tonight the undergrads are taking their second essay test, while their graduate counterparts are working on the mobile marketing plan. We only have a few more weeks left of class and I’m excited to see what the students came up with for the Red Rocks mobile marketing plan/campaign. Next class we’re covering mobile advertising and then finishing up with mobile’s fit in the...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 14 – Analytics


Analytics is the differentiator when it comes to digital marketing and we covered as much of it as we could tonight. If you’re thinking web analytics only, when it comes to mobile, then you’re in for a huge shock. I’ll list out the ones we covered. Facebook Insights includes check-ins and you can also pull mobile traffic from the API Flurry is an app analytics tool and if you...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 13 – iPad


Tonight, we talked about the phenomenon known as the iPad. We started off by trying to define what the iPad is. Is it a mobile device? Is it a game changer or a fad? You know . . . like the Internet was a fad. Or water is a fad. We decided (or at least I did), it’s NOT a mobile device. People are not walking around taking pictures of things without looking like a real dork. Making a call on...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 12 – Location & Mobile Commerce


Tonight we finished up the conversation around location and then reviewed mobile commerce. We covered Foursquare and how to claim your location and create deals last class, so this time we finished up with Google Places and Facebook Places. The Google Places process is clear and self explanatory while the Facebook process is somewhat of a challenge. For Facebook places you need to complete the...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 11 – “Social Mobile Location” Marketing


Tonight we discussed social, mobile and location as it relates to marketing. We first established the fact that with ~16 million users, Foursquare has completed the holy trinity when it comes to social media. Facebook  = Who you are Twitter – What you’re doing/going to do Foursquare – Where you are (That in no way means that there aren’t more things to focus on as...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 10 – Red Rocks Review


Tonight we reviewed our conversation with Red Rocks earlier in the day. About 8 students and myself interviewed some of the team members at Red Rocks and again we saw that there is nothing but opportunity. The trick will be amplifying Red Rocks existing brand through mobile marketing and mobile technology without diminishing the brand. Some of the issues/opportunties we discussed are listed...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 9 – Events


Tonight we covered the concept of events as it relates to mobile marketing. Events are an essential element to any brand experience and we reviewed how to address the three phases of an event; before, during and after. We reviewed strategies and tactics that can be used prior to the event leveraging Facebook, Tweetups, SMS, QR Codes and mobile email. From there we moved onto methodologies during...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 8 – Guest Lecture by Founders of Forkly


Last night we had Martin May & Brady Becker of Forkly come in to guest lecture. Martin & Brady are an excellent example of new business and are on some level, the competition for marketing students. They are technologically enabled, business savvy entrepreneurs. They are the kind of business people that make marketing students want to be able to write code. Martin & Brady also founded...

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