LinkedIn or Facebook for B2B? (infographic)


This is an interesting infographic and there are two things that really stand out as critical to the argument. People do not shut off business thinking when on Facebook. Uh . . . maybe . . . Why do B2B businesses advertise during sporting events? Good point but I’m not sure that watching TV and interacting with a brand on Facebook is a truly a one-to-one. Plus, I’m not sure that B2B...

Innovative market research companies in Denver


This past Friday morning I had the pleasure of attending a DU marketing roundtable that featured four innovative qualitative marketing research companies. The focus of the event was highlighting businesses that are pushing the qualitative research envelope using technology. Technology has traditionally been the realm of quantitative research but these companies are moving qualitative forward...

Are Mountain Punks a niche?


If you live in Colorado you’ve seen them. They have: Short hair and long beards. Both ears pierced with heavy gauge earrings. At least 4 real tattoos; no barbed wire across the upper arm nonsense. Listen to bands like Lamb of God, Led Zeppelin and Johnny Cash. Spend most of their money on the best mountain bikes (usually Yetis) and snowboards (or God forbid; skis). They live in the...

Applications; A new twist on data portability


Data portability is a concept that’s been around for a longtime. The initial concept was focused on single sign-on, which meant you could go from site to site (wherever you had a membership) without having to log in. Of course businesses wanted this because they could get a better sense of who you were as a customer BUT companies such as the the artist formerly known as Microsoft wanted to...

Should you be targeting a market you’re not in?


Imagine a room filled with MBAs, working on developing the next marketing push. At the core of the conversation is trying to determine what the “common man” wants. I’ve been in that room. I was one of the MBAs. The feeling of futility grows the more times you go through that exercise. You do your best to collect the information you need and yet some part of you understands the...

Social media for the entrepreneur


This is a ENORMOUS post. If I weren’t summarizing a presentation I gave last night, I would have broken it into a small miniseries with many guest stars including Betty White. So make sure you go to the bathroom before you start. Last night I got the chance to speak to a class at DU that focuses on creating business plans. Social media is perfect for the startup due to the low barriers of...

Excellent post by Rich Goidel


A friend forwarded me this post, entitled Go-to-market Paradigm from Rich Goidel today. It’s an excellent description of where marketing is today. I don’t say this often. Not sure I’ve said it yet. This is a must read — so go now!

Advertising or Marketing Online?


I’ve been talking with a couple of friends of mine about the business of agencies. One is starting an agency and the other is going to sell theirs. The first person is only interested in creating beautiful sites based in Flash and the other has been working on honing search engine marketing (SEM) expertise. They both see the Internet differently. I would say the first falls into the...

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