How to monetize Reddit (updated)


Note: I recently forwarded this post to a good friend of mine who just happens to be a Redditor and has made the front page numerous times. I updated it based on his feedback. The content of his original response is here. All my changes are bolded. I was recently at a conference and we had one of the top people from Reddit speaking. I struck up a conversation with the person from Reddit and one...

Behold, the power of the Splinternet!


I recently met with a business that was looking for a Director of Digital Opportunities and being a HUGE fan of vague/ethereal titles (no really), I was most interested in the”digital” part of the title. As I’ve mentioned on this blog in the past, there is enormous collision going on between the online world and the tangible world. (Reminds me of that car commercial where he...

Social media for the entrepreneur


This is a ENORMOUS post. If I weren’t summarizing a presentation I gave last night, I would have broken it into a small miniseries with many guest stars including Betty White. So make sure you go to the bathroom before you start. Last night I got the chance to speak to a class at DU that focuses on creating business plans. Social media is perfect for the startup due to the low barriers of...

ITEC 4700: Class 16 – Monetizing Web 2.0


Thursday we started off with several of my students asking if my Twitter account had been hacked. And yes, it had. Someone got in and sent out the following message: ‘hi, i’m 24/female/horny… i have to get off here but message me on my windows live messenger name *****’. They had direct messaged a large number of my followers. (I was also alerted by someone who...

Owyang is on the Cluetrain


For those of us that read the Cluetrain many moons ago, we are increasingly amazed at how well it has held up to the rapid changes the Internet has experienced over the last 10 years. (This book is amazing and is required reading for my class at DU.) At the time of its release, most people we locked into the concept of mass customization; which is now standard on sites such as Puma’s...

How to monetize the coming collision between mobile and social


Social media is pushing the adoption of mobile web in the US.  (Twitter happened because of the iPhone!) Everybody put your helmets, shin guards on and brace for the impending collision between mobile and social. This year mobile internet useage is up 110% nationally and 148% internationally. Gartner predicts that within 3 years web enabled phones will outnumber terrestrial internet connections...

Social Mobile Mobile Social Social Mobile


I read on TechCrunch a couple of weeks ago that 25% of Facebook users access Facebook via their mobile device. I then read this post from Merrit Colaizzi on the fact that mobile and social media are now a “hot couple”. I’m sure members of mig33 would argue that this has been true for a while but I think the point is, the mobile Internet is finally at a state where sharing items...

Wikipedia Prepares to Monetize


I read on the 26th that Wikipedia is now going have subject matter experts review various entries. There have been editors that reviewed entries for overall quality but never an assigned subject matter expert reviewing the entries. I wonder which entries will reviewed and how the decision was made to review those. (For those that are not reviewed by SMEs, Wikipedia will be highlighting...

iPhone Monetizing New Web: Why is Ad Interaction so Much Higher?


Way back in April I posted about the potential for the iPhone to monetize the new web and the fact that the level of ad interaction within apps was much higher than mobile advertising. (50% of AdMob revenue comes from iPhone ads while iPhone ads only comprise 1/7th of their inventory.) I initially thought (and hoped) that these ads were contextual. An example of this would be ads for...

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