Social media for the entrepreneur


This is a ENORMOUS post. If I weren’t summarizing a presentation I gave last night, I would have broken it into a small miniseries with many guest stars including Betty White. So make sure you go to the bathroom before you start. Last night I got the chance to speak to a class at DU that focuses on creating business plans. Social media is perfect for the startup due to the low barriers of...

I Take it Back . . . for now


Recently I posted an interview with the CEO of Bluetunes and made the statement that mobile was going to help push cloud services. TechCrunch recently hosted another round table with several major players where the cloud was the topic of conversation. Most agree that this trend is the very near future and the statement I made was incorrect; for now. The issue that burgeoning cloud services will...

A Service for the Library of Me


I’ve been packing lately and have spent a lot of time looking at my older media like albums, 45s, tapes, etc. This has rekindled my desire to have all of these items digitized and accessible via computer/mobile device from wherever I am. Services like this exist such as flickr and  Bluetunes. The issue is that I don’t have the time to convert  it all. I have heard of services that...

TiVo Needs Bluetunes


I read this recently and thought of Bluetunes and their patent pending upload technology. This technology allows you to upload songs in an incredibly short amount of time. The article sates that TiVo users are unwilling to delete any shows they have (0r have not watched) and suffer guilt because of it. (Oh the agony . . .) I emailed Bluetunes founder Nick Alexander and suggested he contact TiVo...

Bluetunes from the Cloud


I had the good fortune of interviewing Nick Alexander of Bluetunes recently. blueTunes is one of a growing number of companies that are taking advantage of the push towards cloud computing. I had my list of questions ready and was happy to finally speak with Nick. We had managed to miss one another for over month. I’ll list out the questions/answers to keep this simple Q: How did you come...

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