A Service for the Library of Me


I’ve been packing lately and have spent a lot of time looking at my older media like albums, 45s, tapes, etc. This has rekindled my desire to have all of these items digitized and accessible via computer/mobile device from wherever I am. Services like this exist such as flickr and  Bluetunes.

The issue is that I don’t have the time to convert  it all. I have heard of services that convert movies that I own and yet I need something more. My list of media to convert looks like this:

  • Photos in container: scan negatives – flickr
  • Kodak CDs: convert – flickr
  • To do: migrate – iGoogle
  • Business cards: data entry – Outlook
  • Palm contacts: export – Outlook
  • Palm memos: copy/paste – iGoogle
  • Birthdays: data entry – Outlook or BlueMountain
  • Budget: data entry – iGoogle
  • Records/45s: rip – Bluetunes
  • Tapes: rip – Bluetunes
  • Video tapes: convert – TBD (YouTube time limit may be too short)
  • Family video: convert – TBD
  • DVDs: convert – TBD
  • CDs: convert -  Bluetunes
  • Covers of albums, concert tickets, labels of 45s, tapes, CDs, video tapes, DVDs: scan – flickr
  • iTunes: upload – Bluetunes
  • “Documents”: scan – DigiData
  • Bookmarks: organize – Delicious

Now, with the exception of scanning my documents (birth certificate, passport, etc for the DigiData service), I would like a service to pick up all of my media and convert it into the appropriate digital format. I would then of course like to have them create a personalized aggregator that I could embed in this site or my Facebook account.

I would also be able to upload anything new after the initial conversion or have them return to pick up additional materials.

This library of me would be an essential part of my online persona and the service would need to partner with a company that is going to create marketing partnerships with their users.

Now all we need is someone to start the service.(s) Any volunteers? I have my boxes packed and ready for pick-up . . .

By Michael Myers