No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Who is the King?


For many years we had been told that content was king. Quality content was the thing that online businesses must create to keep the attention and develop the loyalty of users. Then in 2006 Chris Anderson chimed in and let us know that content was no longer king; context was. The quote is from Rob Reid of and his point is that in a world of infinite choices with people peers acting as...

Brand Equity and the Corporate Social Graph


I have been writing about the corporate social graph since February and have discussed its impact on search and how to move towards accurately measuring it. One of the main issues with the developing a CSG is its impact on brand equity. For those of you keeping score the focus of the CSG is to have companies create as much interaction utilizing Internet technologies and Web 2.0 venues. This...

Mobile Discovery


There has been a lot of great conversation about the discovery vs. search and the challenges that discovery creates. Discovery in regards to search is exactly what you would think it is. Search is looking and finding something specific while discovery is an unexpected find. People do this all the time when surfing the web. They start with a goal in mind and then end up at Zombo (make sure the...

Speaking Freely with SpinVox


“I recently posted about the potential future of the mobile internet and offered up an option that could resolve the issue of screen real estate. Had briefly touched on the solution for what’s some perceive as the other issue, data entry. It’s hard for some to type on a pretty keyboard and harder for those of us that need tact had a refill want to be cool and have a I phone. The...

Guest Post from Matt Garton: Travel Search Marketer


Opportunities and Pitfalls in the near-term evolution of Search Engine Marketing. In one fashion or another I’ve spent the last decade making a very good living from marketing through Search Engines. As the CEO of a venture backed startup, later as a VP of Business Development, and today as the owner and founder of a couple of businesses I have spent the last decade relying on search engines to...



Kind of ironic that the same day that TechCrunch announced that Google took its AdWords for TV out of beta, CNN posted a story asking if the future of future of TV is the web.
I’ve posted about this before and the answer is; yes.

Android vs. iPhone


On March 6th, KPCB announced the creation of a $100 million dollar fund, aptly named iFund which is aimed at funding the development of applications for the iPhone. KPCB is the also the firm that funded Google, which coincidentally launched the Android project several months ago with the goal of creating an open platform so that developers could create applications for the mobile phone. The race...

Data Portability will make MySpace/Facebook as Relevant as AOL


I recently posted about the impending rise of the niche social network. This has already begun and does not get much press due the shear number of MySpace and Facebook users. The Data Portability Project (DPP) is a collection of businesses that are working to create standards that allow users to update their profile, media, etc in one location (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and have that information...

The Evolution of


CNN is one of the resources that I keep open during the day and today I saw a new icon next to some of the latest news stories; highlighted below. I clicked on the icon and apparently CNN now sells t-shirts featuring news headlines. I selected the Sinkhole gulps entire lane of highway and the next screen came up. I really like this idea and think of it as kind of an extension of reality as...

Q & A about the Corporate Social Graph


A couple of months ago, Hayden Sutherland of Ideal Interface contacted me in regards to the potential of the corporate social graph; a concept we had come up separately and had been thinking about. After several emails, Hayden presented me with some questions to get my opinion on the details surrounding the corporate social graph. He posted the Q&A on his site and I wanted to share them on...

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