ITEC 4700: Class 19 & 20 – Final Presentations


The video mashup above sums up the final presentations of the quarter; an awesome mixture of  just about everything we covered in class! One group was tasked with developing a Web 2.0 business model while another group had to outline an up and coming Web 2.0 technology.  The last group presented the cultural implications of Web 2.0.

The first group detailed a business model that one of the students is working on for a class focused on entrepreneurial ventures. I can’t go into the detail with respect to the business model and it would suffice to say that the team definitely understood the power that mobile brings to the business equation when it comes to personalization AND targeting women. (Women and social media go hand-in-hand.)

The second group’s presentation is below and they brought to light the power of Cloud Computing. Great presentation and the impact of the cloud is obviously still yet to be fully realized.

The final group presented last night (presentation below) and did an excellent job highlighting the implications of Web 2.0 on culture. Culture is a HUGE term and covers everything from education to music. At the very bottom of this post is a video they featured in their presentation that shows an “in-class Twitter experiment” that seems to work very well. (Alex recommended this before this news hit CNN.)

I thoroughly enjoyed my first teaching experience and had a tremendous group of students. I’m busy working on updating my syllabus and lesson plans to include the students recommendations and some items I know need to be added. I’ll be teaching the course again in the fall. Until then if you search for ‘ITEC 4700’ on this site you will be shown posts for all the classes. Enjoy!