Several days ago I walking with a friend towards the intersection of Yosemite and Mineral. We’re talking about something random when we heard the sounds of screeching brakes, followed by the obligatory metal on metal explosion. Someone was turning through the intersection on a red light while someone had gunned it trying to make the red light. Bad accident. My friend pulled his cell out and called 911, ~5 seconds after the accident. The operator not only knew of the accident but had received numerous calls. Now this is not a “time stood still” thing. I was amazed at how connected we all are.

Rewind to a week before. My wife and I were in the mall getting some ski clothing for my kids. As we walked across the hall to enter a store, an elderly woman walked up and asked me if I had seen a pay phone. It was tempted to respond with; “Not in 7 years.” But I held back. (Getting older does have its benefits.) Some would say this was a condition of her age. I’m not sure that’s true. My friend’s little brother is 20 and uses his mobile device to make calls. Incredible!

We’re all connected. Some of us overwhelmed while some of us are fine with being plugged in all the time. When creating products/services (mobile or terrestrial) remember that some of your biggest fans may not be using the tools that you’d like them to. Some may want to be able to pick up the phone or as crazy as it sounds or heaven forbid come into your office. As you become more transparent online, don’t forget to make sure you stay connected with your old-school customer base.  If you chose not to; make sure they understand why (cost, time, etc.)

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