Will mobile advertising ever work? I mean REALLY work.


A few months ago I posted about the impressive efficacy of iPhone ads with 50% of AdMobs traffic coming from iPhone apps which comprised 1/6th of their overall distribution. (When I asked AdMob why they thought it was so high, they mentioned a deeper level of engagement, etc. Curious to see if this trend continues.) The remaining 5/6th was from mobile sites. Recently, research has shown us that...

48% of all mobile phones that AT&T sells, are iPhones


I repeat: 48% of all mobile phones that AT&T sells, are iPhones. That’s what the manager told me at the AT&T store where I bought my iPhone.  He also said that Blackberry makes up 25% of their remaining sales. Those numbers are amazing when you think about it. Almost 75% of their business comes from smart phones; the iPhone being the smartest. Businesses that are holding onto the...

iPhone apps should also work in iTunes


First things first, Apple should change the name of the iTunes to iStuff, or something as equally incredibly creative as iStuff. Why would they do this? For the same reason they aren’t Apple Computer anymore. They’re just Apple; because they do more than computers. iTunes is now much more than music. As I spend more time on iTunes I was disappointed (but not surprised) to see that the...

The iPhone; physical digital tool


Well. I finally did it. I was finally fortunate enough to buy an iPhone. I have been waiting for three things: my T-Mobile contract to expire the video camera functionality the iPhone to do all of this! While it doesn’t (yet) do everything listed in the link in number 3, I couldn’t wait any longer. I of course had to replace my wife’s old cell. If I didn’t, it would be...

Will iPhone Apps Replace Mobile Sites?


Businesses have been asking me (for a long time) if they should create mobile sites (WAP) for their business. I think they should be asking themselves if they should be producing iPhone applications instead. I believe that applications can provide a much better experience than mobile sites. I thought maybe mobile sites could be designed to behave more like applications; then I remembered that WAP...

I’ve got Soul, but I’m not a Soldier cont’d


My ears are still ringing this afternoon. Got a total of 4 hours sleep. I feel so young! The marketing side of me was watching last night as well and there were several things I’d like to see The Killers do to help build their brand. When I started going to concerts people held up lighters for some songs. Last night there were no lighters, only mobile devices being held in the air. I...

iPhone Monetizing New Web: Why is Ad Interaction so Much Higher?


Way back in April I posted about the potential for the iPhone to monetize the new web and the fact that the level of ad interaction within apps was much higher than mobile advertising. (50% of AdMob revenue comes from iPhone ads while iPhone ads only comprise 1/7th of their inventory.) I initially thought (and hoped) that these ads were contextual. An example of this would be ads for...

Child’s Play on the iPhone


It seems like there is a huge potential market for iPhone games focused on 3 – 6 year olds. Kids too young to use the phone but want it in their hands at all times. I have to hand mine over to my son every time he sees it. The issue I have in handing it over (other than him throwing it as far as he can) is that I’m handing him something that emits radio active neutrons (a.k.a...

Hot Wheels ROCK!


I’m going to be doing a series of posts focusing on my favorite brands (highlighted by the ads to the right) and the types of marketing campaigns I’d like to see them do utilizing some of the new methodologies I’ve posted about. The first brand I’m going to do is Hot Wheels! When I was a kid, Hot Wheels and Matchbox were one of my favorite toys and with the birth of my son...

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