iPhone apps should also work in iTunes


First things first, Apple should change the name of the iTunes to iStuff, or something as equally incredibly creative as iStuff. Why would they do this? For the same reason they aren’t Apple Computer anymore. They’re just Apple; because they do more than computers. iTunes is now much more than music.

As I spend more time on iTunes I was disappointed (but not surprised) to see that the applications you download to your iPhone/iTouch don’t have any interface on the PC/iTunes side. They’re treated just like songs.

In my opinion to get iStuff (starting to really grow on me!) to where it needs to be, the app would have an interface on your personal computer as well as the iPhone. At the very least that would allow us to use the app on the iPhone and the PC. The PC interface could also have additional functionality. This may also be a way for Apple to increase app adoption, potentially charge more for apps that have a PC UI and increase iPhone/iTouch sales. (Yes. I know they’re not hurting for money.) This would also continue to splinter the online world that Google has owned. I’ve posted about this before.

Until they add this functionality I’ll just look at these apps and imagine what they could have been. All hail iStuff!

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