48% of all mobile phones that AT&T sells, are iPhones


I repeat: 48% of all mobile phones that AT&T sells, are iPhones.

That’s what the manager told me at the AT&T store where I bought my iPhone.  He also said that Blackberry makes up 25% of their remaining sales. Those numbers are amazing when you think about it. Almost 75% of their business comes from smart phones; the iPhone being the smartest.

Businesses that are holding onto the dream that smart phones won’t soon make up the majority of mobile devices and that the old, on-deck model will hold-up, are in for a very rude awakening. The US culture is very adept at the Internet and now they are realizing they can have it on their mobile phones. Women, Teens and Seniors are the primary drivers of this increase lately.

Time to get your Mom and iPhone!