Mini Love


I’ve been thinking a lot about the iPad Mini since its release and plan on getting one as soon as possible. I wasn’t one of the skeptics when I first heard about it nor was I optimistic. I was pretty neutral and after watching the video on Apple there was something about the scale that really appealed to me. It took some reflection to figure out why I liked the smaller size so much but I think I’ve got it. The Mini is the best of both worlds. Those worlds being media/content consumption and media/content creation. I love to use my iPhone to take pictures and shoot video and love apps like Ptch, Instagram and Viddy. (Still trying to get into Cinemagram)

Once I’d established that there were in fact two worlds, a spectrum of sorts, became pretty evident and I’ve listed out some thoughts below.

iPhone – The primary strength of this device is content creation. Yes, you can use it to watch video and look at pictures but I believe that the device lends itself more toward creating content. It’s like walking around with an amazing photo/film tool in your hand all day. This is due to its scale makes it an “active” device.

iPad Mini – The best of both worlds. Because of it’s scale, it’s great at both.(Read on to find out what the iPad is good at.)

iPad – The primary strength of this device is media consumption. Think of Flipboard. (Yes. It’s on iPhone and it just isn’t the same.) That application has changed the way I find information. The scale of the iPad is much like that of a book/magazine. It’s just not geared for content creation and is more of a “passive” device. Think of how people look when they use their iPad to take a picture. They look really stupid. (Yes. I’ve done it. But don’t tell anyone.)

So now, if you gave me the option of a full-sized iPad or an iPad Mini, I would select the Mini. Can’t wait to get one! I wonder if Santa reads my blog?

Also. Yes. There are other smart devices. But not in my house. :)

By Michael Myers