Behold Distimo!


I discovered a great resource for tracking analytics across arguably the three primary app stores; Apple, BlackBerry and Android. The company is called Distimo and is based out of the Netherlands. They were founded in May of this year, have four employees and among other things, produce a free monthly report. Some of this months insights are:

  • The average price for apps on BlackBerry App World is more than three times higher than apps on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market.
  • On the Apple App Store, apps priced at $.99 are still the most popular, however most revenue is generated by apps priced around $50.
  • Most expensive categories are Navigation on BlackBerry’s App World and Apple’s App Store, and Reference on Google’s Android Market.

They also offer a monitoring tool that’s still in Beta. (I signed up but I think they’re sleeping.) You can follow @distimo here on Twitter and if you’re using the beta tool, let me know how it’s going.

Behold Distimo!

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  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your post.

    The reason that you did not receive access to Monitor yet is that it is required that you have an application published in the Apple App Store. We will notify you when additional stores are supported.

    Regards, Vincent – Distimo

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