O iPhone-only-social-network, where at thou?


Why is there no iPhone-only social network? Nothing against iRovr but their traffic doesn’t look very compelling. Michael Arrington wrote a pretty good piece about this back in February of 2008. His focus was on iPhone users finding each other via GPS and triangulation. This is the kind of service that Brightkite offers although I’m unaware of an “iPhone users only” tracking system. Could be in the works . . .

I’ve noticed that people want to share their favorite apps when they are in the room with other iPhone users. As I’ve stated before, the iPhone is a very physical device and there is the possibility that this may extend to the concept of an iPhone only social network. Maybe the focal point is when iPhone users get together, in person (planned or not planned). Those experiences become the online conversation. Things that people found out about their iPhone by talking to others. Cool apps. Businesses that specialize in car integration. The iPhone is the ultimate social object (the key to niche social networks) and a social network for iPhone owners will be successful if it focuses on the tool or what the tool can do. The iPhone-only social network would also feature content created on the device such as short films created/edited on the iPhone. It would not focus on walking the dog or a concert you recently went to. (Unless you recorded it with your iPhone.) Users would share with others, how the device enabled them in some way.

Unfortunately. There isn’t an app for that.

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