I’ve got Soul, but I’m not a Soldier cont’d


My ears are still ringing this afternoon. Got a total of 4 hours sleep. I feel so young!

The marketing side of me was watching last night as well and there were several things I’d like to see The Killers do to help build their brand.

When I started going to concerts people held up lighters for some songs. Last night there were no lighters, only mobile devices being held in the air. I haven’t been to a concert in many years and I was amazed at how the experience via the fans, has changed. People were taking pics, recording videos, texting, etc. (The average age of the audience was mid-30s.) With these tools in hand I’d like to see iPhone (or Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Palm) applications developed specifically for concerts. These applications could take several forms:

  1. A tour app. You could use the ticket ID as a discount code (I would charge for this app) and the app would feature live footage from the tour. It would have live versions of the songs that were the band’s favorite and one’s that were voted as the fan’s favorite on their site. It would feature specific information about important venues like Red Rocks on an interactive map showing the tour route. Your ticket ID would also map out where you were sitting for the show and allow you to upload/implant any video/images you took during the show. Each tour date would feature a set list and a collection of the videos used behind the band while they were playing. (I love these when they are done well. They’re not music videos. They’re art put to music. The app would be updated via push as the tour went on.
  2. Video art app. Again, these little pieces of artwork with the bands music as the soundtrack would make a great free application.  On the iPhone, I would allow users to share the app by tapping the phones together. Get some social/viral play involved.
  3. Lighter application. I’ve seen it and I think it would be funny to brand the cigarette lighter for the show and allow people to share it the same way the video art application would work. That way, older folks could have their lighters in the air.
  4. Concert shirts app. When we were young, my friends and I used to make sure we got concert shirts when would go to shows and it would be cool to get a one of a kind desktop for the mobile device. I would charge for this.
  5. Live Audio streaming app. This app would actually sit on top of Twitter and allow a person to become a small broadcasting station. The trick is to filter the mic enough to remove the distortion caused by the 1000 decibels.

Again, a great show and I highly recommend you see The Killers if you get a chance!