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I’ve got Soul, but I’m not a Soldier cont’d


My ears are still ringing this afternoon. Got a total of 4 hours sleep. I feel so young! The marketing side of me was watching last night as well and there were several things I’d like to see The Killers do to help build their brand. When I started going to concerts people held up lighters for some songs. Last night there were no lighters, only mobile devices being held in the air. I...

I’ve got Soul, but I’m not a Soldier


Tonight was a magical night. At 9:09pm on 9.9.09 my wife and I were at Red Rocks, watching roadies try to fix a part of the stage.  10 minutes later The Killers had blasted into their first song Human. 20 minutes later, a rust colored 3/4 moon rose above the horizon to the east. All of this; the music, the volume(!), the venue, the visual of the light show beneath you with Denver off in the...