Child’s Play on the iPhone


It seems like there is a huge potential market for iPhone games focused on 3 – 6 year olds. Kids too young to use the phone but want it in their hands at all times. I have to hand mine over to my son every time he sees it. The issue I have in handing it over (other than him throwing it as far as he can) is that I’m handing him something that emits radio active neutrons (a.k.a. cellular signals). Even when I’m not on a call the system sends updates. (Don’t believe me? Put your cell by a speaker and it will consistently cause the audio to break up with signals coming in. Surely a form of mind control and I for one, welcome our new overlords.)

It would be great it there were an option, within a game (or reading material aimed at young children) that basically made the unit safe while it was in their little hands. (This option outside of games would be great since kids like to imitate grown-ups and hold the phone up to their ears.)

Not sure if there are iPhone games designed for little critters, but going to look now. If you’ve heard of them, please let me know. If not. Looks kids! A business opportunity!

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  • Interesting idea but I doubt Apple allows iPhone developer to develop an app to “shut” the phone down. As a iPhone developer myself, I know Apple has a lot of restrictions on what is allowed and what is not allowed to do within an app. It would be nice if they are more open.

    As far as iPhone games for little kids, there are plenty. Most of them are under Education though. I have a friend using her iPhone to teach her kids math on the way to his soccer ball practice!