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Mobile Marketing Class: Day 9 – Events


Tonight we covered the concept of events as it relates to mobile marketing. Events are an essential element to any brand experience and we reviewed how to address the three phases of an event; before, during and after. We reviewed strategies and tactics that can be used prior to the event leveraging Facebook, Tweetups, SMS, QR Codes and mobile email. From there we moved onto methodologies during...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 8 – Guest Lecture by Founders of Forkly


Last night we had Martin May & Brady Becker of Forkly come in to guest lecture. Martin & Brady are an excellent example of new business and are on some level, the competition for marketing students. They are technologically enabled, business savvy entrepreneurs. They are the kind of business people that make marketing students want to be able to write code. Martin & Brady also founded...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 7 – SMS


Tonight we talked about the SMS marketing. We covered the fundamentals around launching a marketing campaign but I quickly followed those fundamentals up with recommendations that an SMS agency be hired. Someone like Mozes and DOTGO are adept and handling the sheer joy that are the carrier playbooks. For those of you lucky enough to never have suffered this process,the playbooks are a set of...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 6 – TEST!!!!!


I’m posting this live, from my class. My undergrads are taking their first essay test and LOVING every second of it! (I actually had a student ask if they could get extra credit if they did the test on their smartphone. NICE!) I’m not a fan of tests since most people will never take a test in the professional world, unless they get certifications. I definitely prefer to give huge...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 5 – Mobile SEO


Last night we covered mobile SEO. Luckily, most of the students were familiar with SEO so it was much less of a conceptual hurdle. To ensure everyone was on the same page, we outlined the basics and then moved on the differences for mobile SEO. Conversions are hard to track because mobile searches end up with in-store purchases more than standard web searches. When you look at analytics for...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 4 – Mobile Usability


Tonight we covered mobile usability and the impact it has on business. For me, usability is marketing. I define marketing as a mutually beneficial relationship between a business and its customers With this definition, it’s easy to see that usability is marketing and branding AND could be considered a cost reduction for operations. We reviewed the concept of progressive disclosure and then...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 3 – Mobile Applications


Tonight we reviewed a great white paper by the founders of the now defunct Photokast. The white paper reviews the pitfalls around creating applications. There are numerous lessons learned but my favorite is the advice of Northwest Venture Partner’s @timechange (warning; he doesn’t tweet much) to focus on the 7 deadly sins in regards to creating an application. Lust – Dating...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 2 – Gamification


Tonight we covered gamification and I used the book Gamification by Design by @gzicherm to structure the class. (It’s funny. As you read this book, you find yourself continuously equating game theory to marketing strategies.) In a nutshell, gamification is about baking human nature into digital interactions with your customers. The book is definitely worth reading. We discussed player...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 1 – Overview


Tonight was the first night of my mobile marketing class. I’ve got 14 students and many of them are VERY sharp. Before class even began I heard students discussing Flipboard and Instagram. A very good sign indeed! This is the first time mobile marketing class offered by Daniels and I feel honored to be teaching it. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that...

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