Mobile Marketing Class: Day 9 – Events


Tonight we covered the concept of events as it relates to mobile marketing. Events are an essential element to any brand experience and we reviewed how to address the three phases of an event; before, during and after.

We reviewed strategies and tactics that can be used prior to the event leveraging Facebook, Tweetups, SMS, QR Codes and mobile email. From there we moved onto methodologies during the show utilizing Foursquare (Swarm, Super Swarm, Super Duper Swarm and Epic badges), Facebook places, Group texting and Instagram. (Rhymes with Jumbotron.) We then discussed how to extend the experience after the event through user-generated content from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and then pushing them into a multimedia package you could put on an interactive piece online, iTunes or a DVD. In the midst of all of this we touched on mobile email best practices and talked about the emerging importance of QR codes, which saw an increase in usage of 617% in 2011.

We finished up the class by reviewing the Virgin Mobile/Lady Gaga case study.

Red Rocks Project Update: As “homework” for the Red Rocks project a student and I were fortunate enough to attend the Icelantic Winter on the Rocks (#iWOTR) event featuring @atmosphere, Common and Grieves and Budo. (We tried to get 15 tickets but it was not possible.) Although I’m not a huge fan of “the rap”, it was an amazing show simply because it was the first winter show, ever at Red Rocks. It was a balmy 20 degrees at the start of the show and it was very different from a summer show in that almost no one was there early. Too cold!!!! At this point, I’d like to thank Brian Kitts, the VP of Marketing for Red Rocks, for getting us tickets! It will have a deep impact on the quality of the project.

It was interesting attending a concert when you’re not there to see the show and are strictly there to observe. The majority of the people at the show were not from Denver but were from Summit County, Ft Collins and the surrounding areas. We walked around and took many pictures which we reviewed in class. There are a ton of mobile marketing opportunities at Red Rocks.

We are meeting with the Red Rocks marketing team Thursday before class and will spend the class period, debriefing those that could not attend.


By Michael Myers