Mobile Marketing Class: Day 10 – Red Rocks Review


Tonight we reviewed our conversation with Red Rocks earlier in the day. About 8 students and myself interviewed some of the team members at Red Rocks and again we saw that there is nothing but opportunity. The trick will be amplifying Red Rocks existing brand through mobile marketing and mobile technology without diminishing the brand.

Some of the issues/opportunties we discussed are listed below:

  1. is not optimized for mobile devices
  2. The management of many artists don’t understand that user generated content (just like the music itself) is an ad to come to the show
  3. Red Rocks email is not optimized for mobile devices
  4. There is no mobile SEO in place to discover products at the Trading Post, food at Ship Rock Grill, or tickets for upcoming shows
  5. Red Rocks has no smartphone or tablet apps
  6. Tickets are still paper-based
  7. People still have to use cash at the concessions stands
  8. No body knows the restaurant is open for lunch, Sunday brunch and that the food is good
  9. People have to wait in long lines at the concessions stand and can miss a large chunk of a performance
  10. There are multiple vendors and multipel ticketing providers involved in Red Rocks
  11. The land RR is on has Navajo and Ute history
  12. Red Rocks is the ultimate in flexible spaces because of events and the diversity they bring
  13. No interactive map of Red Rocks or seating exists
  14. Yearly passes just like the Epic Pass are being requested
  15. There are no VIP programs
  16. Roughly 2/3rds of those that go to Red Rocks are not there for concerts

After talking with the marketing team, I’m extremely jealous of my students. I find myself chomping at the bit to write a mobile marketing+ plan.  I may end up writing one on this blog, once the class is complete!

Next class, we’re covering social location marketing!

By Michael Myers