Mobile Marketing Class: Day 4 – Mobile Usability


Tonight we covered mobile usability and the impact it has on business. For me, usability is marketing. I define marketing as

a mutually beneficial relationship between a business and its customers

With this definition, it’s easy to see that usability is marketing and branding AND could be considered a cost reduction for operations. We reviewed the concept of progressive disclosure and then moved on to review some of Zappos advice mixed in with the things I’ve seen over the several years. (The focus of this was primarily mobile sites but you could apply some of the information to apps.

I forgot to say that we started the class by reviewing the Red Rocks project which is shaping up to be unbelievable. I met with the head of marketing for Red Rocks (to keep the title simple) and we’re moving forward with the following items.

  1. Meeting with three primary stakeholders
  2. Attending the Icelantic Winter on the Rocks event on January 27th. (A fantastic opportunity for students to see the event through the eyes of a marketer!)
  3. Reviewing existing marketing efforts
  4. Develop questionnaire for stakeholders

We have a lot of work to do to create a deep mobile marketing plan/campaign and I’m excited because we are working with an almost clean slate.

Lastly, this is the first time I’ve had undergraduates and so the “T” word has been included in the class. I’m not a fan of tests and yet I’m going to test them. If you’re listening, we will have a brief study session after class on Tuesday the 16th.

Next up, mobile SEO!

By Michael Myers