Mobile Marketing Class: Day 5 – Mobile SEO


Last night we covered mobile SEO. Luckily, most of the students were familiar with SEO so it was much less of a conceptual hurdle. To ensure everyone was on the same page, we outlined the basics and then moved on the differences for mobile SEO.

  • Conversions are hard to track because mobile searches end up with in-store purchases more than standard web searches.
  • When you look at analytics for guidance on keywords (and you should) you could see a difference between those terms and your standard search terms.
  • If you don’t do your robots.txt file you could be competing with your own standard site pages in regards to SERPs.
  • How your mobile site will look on the device that’s requesting it plays into your PageRank.
  • Local businesses benefit more from mobile SEO because of the nature of mobile search. (“Find this now!”)
  • Verbs are used much more in mobile search; and therefore could be used as keywords for mobile optimized pages. (hint hint)
  • If you can’t afford a full site conversion to mobile, look to analytics to give you big fat hints as to which pages you should optimize.
  • If I split my domain into m.domain and domain; I’m losing Google Juice. I can use just one site and tweak dynamically with CSS. (I think this is going to become an even bigger deal as HTML 5 takes over and businesses really get down to optimizing experiences by device. Tablet, smartphone, PC, App, Facebook App, etc.)

Those are some of the things we discussed I’m fortunate to have some real rock stars who understand SEO in a very deep sense. They asked excellent questions and more importantly, added knowledge to the class. Next class is our first test for undergrads and “Overgrads” get to work on the Red Rocks project.

By Michael Myers