Mobile Marketing Class: Day 16 – Advertising


This past Thursday we we covered mobile advertising. This is a relatively new model and there is a ton that businesses need to learn. One of the main differences we discussed in previous classes is that people see mobile phones as an extension of themselves. They are apart of our most personal conversations and for most of us, they’re never more than three feet away from us at any time. So...

iPhone Monetizing New Web, Part 3: The Details


I’ve recently posted about businesses utilizing iPhone applications to help monetize new web and aside from giving you some advertising details below, I wanted to clarify my recommendations. In order to take advantage of all that an iPhone application offers and help monetize your business, I suggest when someone hits your site from a mobile browser on the iPhone, they are given a choice of...

iPhone Monetizing New Web: Part 2


I recently posted about iPhone applications potentially being the key to monetize Web 2.0 sites. I recently found a report by AdMob for March 09 that indicates that half of all their total ad responses (out of 6000 sites and 1000 applications) came from applications on the iPhone and G1 (HTC Dream). This is an amazing number and not terribly surprising when we start to think about applications...

Advertising Needs to get a Whole Lot Smarter


I was looking at YouTube today to do some research and saw this video entitled Police Report for Rihanna & Chris Brown. Now, I’m not much of a fan and yet I’ve heard a lot about this incident. I was curious to see what information was in this video, so I began to watch. After several minutes the ad on the bottom came up (circled in red). Not really sure where to file this...

Mobile Marketing Should not be Disruptive


When I think of the promise of mobile marketing and location based services I get excited and a little bit concerned.  A couple of posts down, I talked about tweeting interrupting my experience and I think the same thing could happen with mobile marketing. For example: You’re in the Tattered Cover bookstore and perusing the art section. You’re enjoying a book on Modern Rock Concert...

Wall•E Gets it Right


Back in July I posted about Truth in Marketing in regards to the wasteful schwag that had been handed out at the Wall•E premiere. I described the movie as R2D2 falls in love with a trigger happy iPod. My point was that the marketers were not true to the character or the message of the movie. The movie showed wastefulness being the downfall of the human race and yet the marketing team for Pixar...

Medium Specific Advertising


I have spoken about how the Internet is well on its way to being the platform for entertainment, information and communication. This of course extends to the mobile Internet as well. I also spend a lot of time talking to people about the importance of “how” something is done. The premise is that what your doing is not as important as how your doing it. I then quickly site Star Wars as...

Please Touch that Dial


For many years marketers have been developing strategies and tactics that focused on distribution. The goal of television, radio and print was to get as many eyeballs and “earballs” on the material. Overtime this created a generation of the promotionally challenged; people that don’t see or hear advertising. It’s something we don’t even think about. We simply block...

Will Advertising Kill DRM?


On November 15th, Ethan Smith of the Wall Street Journal authored an article describing the latest business model created to combat the troubled music industry. The new company, aptly named Recrd Lbl (Record Label) utilizes advertising to generate revenue enabling users to download the artist’s music for free (much like Spiral Frog). The company is a joint venture between Peter Rojas and...

Advertising as Self-Expression


I recently received an email from Juliana Stein who is the Communications Manager of Oceana informing me that I could now support the not-for-profit by having Oceana ads on my site. The email had a link to all of the ad options and the code I needed to insert the ad. That started me thinking. What is the one thing that makes a website seem like a “real” site? Yep. Sad to say, but...

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