How to monetize the coming collision between mobile and social


Social media is pushing the adoption of mobile web in the US.  (Twitter happened because of the iPhone!) Everybody put your helmets, shin guards on and brace for the impending collision between mobile and social. This year mobile internet useage is up 110% nationally and 148% internationally. Gartner predicts that within 3 years web enabled phones will outnumber terrestrial internet connections...

iPhone Monetizing New Web: Part 2


I recently posted about iPhone applications potentially being the key to monetize Web 2.0 sites. I recently found a report by AdMob for March 09 that indicates that half of all their total ad responses (out of 6000 sites and 1000 applications) came from applications on the iPhone and G1 (HTC Dream). This is an amazing number and not terribly surprising when we start to think about applications...

Are iPhone Apps the way to Monetize the New Web?


Just saw this video for the new NIN iPhone application and it begs the question as to whether iPhone applications could be used to monetize web 2.0 businesses. With a combined 30 milli0n iPhones and iTouches out in the wild and new app stores from Android and Blackberry this is going to be one way to generate revenue through one-time fees or subscriptions (with 3.0). Of course someone can access...

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