Are iPhone Apps the way to Monetize the New Web?


Just saw this video for the new NIN iPhone application and it begs the question as to whether iPhone applications could be used to monetize web 2.0 businesses. With a combined 30 milli0n iPhones and iTouches out in the wild and new app stores from Android and Blackberry this is going to be one way to generate revenue through one-time fees or subscriptions (with 3.0). Of course someone can access from their iPhone browser  and yet it is an “okay” experience at best.  Businesses redesigning their sites for the mobile world should also think about creating an iPhone app that provides members/fans access to more information.

The IP potential also for some business models is there. As a user if I do “something” with my iPhone app and then be able to view the end results on the Internet; that connection/translation could be where the IP lives.

The fiscal connection between the iPhone and the Internet is just beginning and I’m curious to see what types of business models can be created.

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