Are iPhone Apps the way to Monetize the New Web?


Just saw this video for the new NIN iPhone application and it begs the question as to whether iPhone applications could be used to monetize web 2.0 businesses. With a combined 30 milli0n iPhones and iTouches out in the wild and new app stores from Android and Blackberry this is going to be one way to generate revenue through one-time fees or subscriptions (with 3.0). Of course someone can access...

Communities Build Brand Depth


By now we all know that as businesses, we don’t own our brand quite the way we used to. (Actually we never did it just wasn’t as easy to spread the word about brands as it is today via the internet.) We also know that if you aren’t participating in the conversation then you’re losing out on an opportunity to build brand equity through transparency. The question becomes;...

Advertising as Self-Expression


I recently received an email from Juliana Stein who is the Communications Manager of Oceana informing me that I could now support the not-for-profit by having Oceana ads on my site. The email had a link to all of the ad options and the code I needed to insert the ad. That started me thinking. What is the one thing that makes a website seem like a “real” site? Yep. Sad to say, but...

Recommendation: The Second Step of Building Deep Customer Relationships


In my last post, I talked about the importance of findability in regards to building deep online relationships. I would now like to talk about the next level of relationship that businesses can foster with their client’s; a relationship where customers turn into advocates for the businesses they frequent. Chris Anderson wrote in his ground breaking work, The Long Tail that content is no...

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