What will social augmented reality look like on mobile?


Wow. That title has a lot of buzz words! I’ve shown several examples of augmented reality over the last several months and have been thinking about how AR might be applied to the marriage of mobile and social. This is what I came up with. . . . You’re at an event (concert, business, etc) and you’ve elected to share your information and configured your settings. When someone...

Augmented reality needs geo-location


After looking at iButterfly’s application (below) and seeing Layar’s recent announcement that they were adding streaming to help people locate augmented reality enabled objects, I realized that geo-location was another element these augmented reality enabled objects needed. I’m referring to the type of augmented reality that a user sees by looking through a browser and not the...

Two flavors of augmented reality and how you can use them


I’ve posted about the two types of augmented reality shown in the videos below. I wanted to talk about how you can/will be able to use these in the near future. First; the examples. This is an example of an augmented reality browser. As you can see there is information associated with a physical item and when viewed through the smart phone’s camera, via the browser, information is...