What will social augmented reality look like on mobile?


Wow. That title has a lot of buzz words!

I’ve shown several examples of augmented reality over the last several months and have been thinking about how AR might be applied to the marriage of mobile and social. This is what I came up with. . . .

You’re at an event (concert, business, etc) and you’ve elected to share your information and configured your settings. When someone wants to know more about you they can hold up their mobile device and through a browser like Layar, see information you’ve elected to share. If you’re at a networking event, they can see who you work for and what you’re interested in discussing such as strategic partnerships. If you’d like them to be able to keep your information you could share it by bumping the LinkedIn app. If you’re at a concert it would show others what bands you liked and recent concerts you’ve been to. You’d also be able to share locations you’ve recently checked into, any places you’ve traveled recently and any photos you wish to share. Anything you wish to share. Conversations could get much easier.

This may sound a bit exhibitionist and frankly, it is. But so is social networking and the concept of sharing information about yourself is going to move from the online world to the real-time/mobile world.

It would be pretty interesting to hold your phone up and see all of the media dangling off of someone. Video, images, etc. You would of course need to to have an AR trigger icon visible; networking name tag, t-shirt, etc. See below!

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