The thing that will kill Facebook


It’s hard to imagine a world without Facebook and yet, if this infographic is to be believed, online empires only “own” the mindshare of the market for around 11 years. This means Facebook has only three years left!!! I guess Zuck will have the cry himself to sleep with his measly billion$. Infographic aside, the question is; what consumer behavior will displace the need to know...

mobile + social + location = events


Events are turning out to be the primary way that mobile & social & location work together. Hot spots on the timeline. Before I start, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not an event planner but I have played one on TV. I think of an event as having three phases. It’s going to happen – Tweetups have become a great way to help promote events. By using twitter...

Researchers To Marketers: Go Social, Mobile


This post was taken directly from MediaPost. I love it when people with big fancy PhDs agree with me and what I’ve been saying for the past two years! Two reports released Monday underscored the increasing importance of social media in the marketing scheme. As part of its wide-ranging study, “Competitive Strategy In the Age of the Customer,” Forrester said that marketers should...

The future of mobile commerce from Shop.org


I just listened to a Shop.org webinar playback from Sucharita Mulpuru, VP and Principal Analyst, eBusiness/Forrester Research from November 15th. The focus of the presentation was to discuss the current state of mobile commerce. Overall there was some good information in the presentation and there was one analogy that “wasn’t quite right”. Sucharita points out that eCommerce...

The default state of the Internet is quickly becoming social and mobile


So . . . I recently saw some stats about people accessing Facebook and Twitter via their mobile devices and the numbers are pretty compelling. Access to social networks from mobile browsers increased from 22.9% to 30.8% (1.2009 – 1.2010) Facebook site traffic from mobile browsers increased from 11,8 million to 25.5 million (1.2009 – 1.2010) Twitter went from 1 million to 4.7 million...

Go mobile for brand loyalty


According to Gartner, within 3-5 years smartphones will out number PCs and then eventually take the lead as the number one device used to access the Internet. This doesn’t take into account that more and more information that would be accessed via the Interwebs, is being accessed through apps. As evidenced by the death of the web piece by Chris Anderson. (BTW: It ain’t dead. It’s just...

Flavors of mobile offerings for business


When I talk with businesses and students about the latest mobile marketing methods, they tend to feel like the potential is all over the map (no pun intended) and I thought it would be good to categorize these offerings for the sake of clarity, as we move into the new hyper-local world. Opportunities – These are time sensitive offers such as discounts or coupons. There is data out there...

Cultural differences in privacy will hinder the mobile/social explosion


I recently read an article in The Economist that talks about the cultural differences between the US and Europe when it comes to digital privacy. It’s a good article and it begs the question, what the coming mobile/social explosion will look like for cultures that have a stronger sense of personal privacy than the US. The immense success of social media and the smartphone over the past...

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