Mobile Marketing Class: Day 12 – Location & Mobile Commerce


Tonight we finished up the conversation around location and then reviewed mobile commerce. We covered Foursquare and how to claim your location and create deals last class, so this time we finished up with Google Places and Facebook Places. The Google Places process is clear and self explanatory while the Facebook process is somewhat of a challenge. For Facebook places you need to complete the...

mobile + social + location = events


Events are turning out to be the primary way that mobile & social & location work together. Hot spots on the timeline. Before I start, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not an event planner but I have played one on TV. I think of an event as having three phases. It’s going to happen – Tweetups have become a great way to help promote events. By using twitter...

What PageRank should be now


If you’re unfamiliar with the the concept of PageRank . . . then go here for a detailed explanation. To woefully oversimplify, PageRank is the method with which Google determines which sites are returned in what order when search for something. Currently PageRank is a complex combination of your site content (optimized & fresh) + inbound links + metadata. All of this information...