Go mobile for brand loyalty


According to Gartner, within 3-5 years smartphones will out number PCs and then eventually take the lead as the number one device used to access the Internet. This doesn’t take into account that more and more information that would be accessed via the Interwebs, is being accessed through apps. As evidenced by the death of the web piece by Chris Anderson. (BTW: It ain’t dead. It’s just evolving.)

Every time I share this stat to someone “in the know”, they say; “Yes but overall, more time will be spent on the PCs than mobile devices.” Maybe that’s true. And that is a pretty huge MAYBE. My answer to that is, “That could be true. But, who do you have the better relationships with? Businesses/mediums that provide information or those that actually help you accomplish something.” For those of you paying very close attention, this may sound like the same thing. The core difference for me is that the PC is my window onto the world while the mobile device is akin to a Swiss Army knife. Both are useful but one is closer to being essential. Especially in the wild. I’m more likely to be loyal to businesses that provides me a real-time/real location-based tool; as long as it works. Mobile coupons, location based reminders, directions and check-in based loyalty programs to name a few.

I believe, when it comes to brand loyalty, mobile (Internet/apps) is going to play a larger role than the traditional online experience. We are now more than ever, a society in motion. Mobile is where you should be building your business.

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