Two flavors of augmented reality and how you can use them


I’ve posted about the two types of augmented reality shown in the videos below. I wanted to talk about how you can/will be able to use these in the near future. First; the examples.

This is an example of an augmented reality browser. As you can see there is information associated with a physical item and when viewed through the smart phone’s camera, via the browser, information is displayed.

This is an example of a small virtual interaction appearing magically before your eyes based on viewing an augmented reality icon through a web cam while watching yourself. (I’ve also posted about how AR could be used with QR codes.)

The order these two videos are presented are indicative of how businesses could use them. If you’re a brick and mortar business you should have your business optimized for augmented reality browsers like Layar to enable customers to discover your business. After they have found you, you can have augmented reality icons around your store that create small compelling virtual experiences to help sell the product/service.

I’m excited to see how businesses build on this new marketing technology.