Layared Reality (video featuring augmented reality)


Saw this amazing video featuring a different application of augmented reality than what I’ve posted before. The company is called Layar and launched this today for the G1. Wouldn’t this be great on a much larger screen? Like the screen of an iPhone!?!?!


  • This is brilliant! Now all you need to do is go to areas that you like and see houses in situ, instead of going to a dingy office and sifting through reams of paper. Also useful for backpackers who dont want to spend the day traipsing around hotels finding out what price bracket they are. I do worry though that with all this technology in the world there is less and less need for people to get out in to the world and really experience things and people.

  • That is very interesting. I think we’re all going to be using applications like this very soon indeed.