No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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TEDxDU 2011 review


This year’s TEDxDU was AMAZING!! There was something for everyone. At least I think there was. There was a lot for me and my wife! I will be posting the videos of my favorite presentations, as soon as they’re available and I wanted to summarize some of the best presentations in no particular order. Jose Guerroro – A slam poet that was born for the stage. He was amazing! The...

Fighting to not lose


On April 30th, I watched Mixed Martial Arts star, Georges St. Pierre – known by his fans as GSP – defeat Jake Shields. This was the 6th successful defense of his title and by the middle of the fight, it became apparent that GSP was doing what a lot of companies do; fight to not lose. Georges is excellent at figuring out what his opponent’s strength is and then defending against...

Can Google become a social company?


The general belief is that Google desperately wants to become a social company. Why? Because social will soon become the default state of the Internet. These stats will give you sense of where we’re headed. Facebook currently has 680 million users Facebook has more traffic than Google 33% of all Internet traffic from the US is bound for Facebook At this point Google can’t become a...

Is Foursquare social?


For those of you living under a VERY large rock; Foursquare is a game that allows users to check-in to physical locations,with their mobile device to earn points and attain badges. There are of course, other things that you can do with Foursquare. As a user, you can add a tip or “shout” it out. Except for competing against your peers, to earn points/badges, Foursquare isn’t...

Amazon watches eBay go after hyper-local market. What about Google and Facebook?


eBay has recently made some interesting acquisitions that I’m sure has someone at Amazon paying a little closer attention. For those that have not used eBay (yes there are some)  it’s more than an auction site. It’s an ecommerce site and with the ability to ‘Buy it Now’. I’d never purchased anything from eBay until recently. Pretty easy experience and not quite...

I'm an Associate Teaching Professor of Digital Marketing at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver. I also consult with startups and established brands. I'm currently focused on artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience and culture. I am married to an amazing woman and have two incredible children. I was raised in Colorado and spend my free time with family, biking, snowboarding and going to the Pacific Ocean to SCUBA dive and/or surf. I'm passionate about architecture, design, street art, photography and the art that tattooing has evolved into.