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Link to Amazing TNT ad (video)

An awesome “ad” from TNT via @chancyk. Enjoy!

Link to The thing that will kill Facebook

It’s hard to imagine a world without Facebook and yet, if this infographic is to be believed, online empires only “own” the mindshare of the market for around 11 years. This means Facebook has only three years left!!! I guess Zuck will have the cry himself to sleep with his measly billion$. Infographic aside, the …

We’ve all been sucked in by the hype around contextual advertising and many of us see these ads daily due to today’s tracking technologies. These technologies the tremendous amount of time spent online by consumers, understandably makes marketers giddy about the potential of personalized ads. The issue, that I see is around a person’s frame of mind. …

Link to Pinterest for Marketers (video infographic)

These stats on Pinterest have been featured in numerous infographics and now you don’t have to read! You can just sit back and watch . . .Enjoy!

I posted about the future of social being visual here. It appears as though someone has gone and created a nice big fat infographic outlining why they also believe this to be true. Enjoy!

Link to Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd

If you’ve read Goodnight Moon more than 3000 times, as I have, you’ll like this video and the book. Enjoy!

Link to Think TV 2020 Vision Series Two – Episode 2: A Creative Perspective (video)

Dan Wieden of Wieden + Kennedy talks about the future of TV, advertising and social media. I like his comment on “personalized communication” at 5:08 and how much he hates it. What’s funny is that personalized experiences will become the norm. Soon, if something isn’t specifically for me, it will be seen as a failure. (Think …