No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

Welcome to my site! Perspective is my own and I post when I have something to share. Scroll down to see the latest.

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My Tumblr experiment


After my #hashtag/Instagram experiment I decided to create a Tumblr account to see what the ecosystem was like and to see if tagging had the same impact. What I quickly got, was a lesson in content. In other words, the type of content that garnered the most traffic. I’m not talking subject matter. I’m talking medium. . . . and this is what I’ve found so far. Video – If...

Rise of the Citizen Brander


One of the biggest changes that social media brought about was around content creation. In the early 2000s, anyone with access to the Internet and a minimal amount of technical skill, could be heard. Blogs were one of the first mediums people utilized to express themselves and from there the evolution continued. This evolution has gone through two distinct phases and I believe we’re about...

Embrace the Remix (Ted Talk)


This is a great TED Talk about from @remixeverything about how creativity is the ability to take pieces of what has influenced you and put them together in a unique way.  This sentiment is shared by Malcom Gladwell with respect to Steve Jobs. (Living/breathing Tweet below.) Malcolm Gladwell on Steve Jobs, “the tweaker”: his sensibility was “editorial, not inventive” nyr...

Will lead the way for social monetization? (video)


This is a great video from @daltonc, the founder of aims to create a Twitter-like service without utilizing advertising to support their business. (I remember several years ago, when Twitter was still shiny and new, someone launched a survey to find out if people would be willing to pay for Twitter and the majority of people that responded, indicated that they would pay $5 a...

Instagram SoundCloud mashup


I’m a huge fan of Instagram and have grown to appreciate the app, its functionality and how pics can be shared via Foursquare and Tumblr. I’ve also been a fan of music for many moons and I’m beginning to appreciate SoundCloud and the remixes/community I’m exposed to. For me, music is a visual thing where imagery goes hand in hand with the song I’m listening to...

@DanielsatDU Marketing Roundtable & Digital Marketing Summit


I’m excited to announce that I will be apart of the Digital Marketing Summit on the 24th of this month at Daniels College of Business. (Details to attend can be found here.) I’ll be talking about the business impact of the following items: Post-PC Era – Smartphones/tablets are the digital consumer devices of choice. What do businesses need to do to address this fundamental shift...

Ode to the stoplight


Just in case you were confused. I did not misspell s p o t l i g h t. We’re all pressed for time these days. I can honestly say that the only real downtime I get now is sleep. Just about every other moment in my life is filled with something to do. Family! Something to work on. Something to read. Something to take a picture of. Something to share. Something to write. Because of this...

I'm an Associate Teaching Professor of Digital Marketing at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver. I also consult with startups and established brands. I'm currently focused on artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience and culture. I am married to an amazing woman and have two incredible children. I was raised in Colorado and spend my free time with family, biking, snowboarding and going to the Pacific Ocean to SCUBA dive and/or surf. I'm passionate about architecture, design, street art, photography and the art that tattooing has evolved into.