The concierge and the future of mobile advertising


I’m currently working with a client (and a small army of students) on creating an app for their business. It’s been a great process and as we work through their models I realized that we’ve crossed over some conceptual threshold. From proactive to reactive. Now . . . most times when I say something like that, there is a slight groan that comes from the audience. I understand...

Facebook’s problem


Just in case you were confused: Facebook is an advertising company. Facebook used to be a social media company but now that they serve a different master – namely businesses that advertise – they’re an advertising company. Facebook is also a data company. They arguably know more about you that than the federal government. (In fact the CIA requested information so frequently...

Native advertising (infographic)


Mobile advertising has proven to be quite a challenge. But native advertising has shown real promise and in short, native advertising is in a medium that matches the content people are looking at. i.e. photos on Pinterest, promoted Tweets, etc.
This is a nice little infographic that spells it out. Enjoy!

If advertising is to work on mobile . . .


So  . . . if you’ve read this blog with any frequency, you know that Im not really a fan of advertising in general. No one wakes up and thinks “w00t! I CANNOT wait to see my first ad today!” They’re at best a nuisance or a form of entertainment during events such as the Super Bowl. As the digital world transitions from the PC based advertising of “throw the junk out...

Hugh MacLeod launches the Social Object Factory


  It looks like Hugh MacLeod has launched his own animation studio called the Social Object Factory. I’ve blogged about social objects (Hugh’s invention) and I like the sounds of this. The quote below is from the site and lets you know what it’s all about . . . Social objects become your touch points. They are the rally cries that call your community to action. They inspire...

The issue with personalized advertising


We’ve all been sucked in by the hype around contextual advertising and many of us see these ads daily due to today’s tracking technologies. These technologies the tremendous amount of time spent online by consumers, understandably makes marketers giddy about the potential of personalized ads. The issue, that I see is around a person’s frame of mind. Just because I’ve...

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